Do you need to own the intellectual property?

Do you need to own the intellectual property rights for your formulation?

We can create a formula specifically for you where you own full ownership of the formulation so you can make the exact same recipe yourself with any contract manufacturer and own the intellectual property as a business and brand asset then intellectual property ownership is for you!

The benefits of owning the intellectual property rights to the formulation include:

  • The cost of your formulation and each unit will be significantly less
  • Only pay for blending and packing with your contract manufacturer and avoid paying the manufacturers mark-up on each ingredient
  • You can choose to manufacturer the exact same formulation either in your own facility or using any contract manufacturer
  • You are not locked into just one manufacturer and subject to price increases or fluctuations
  • The value of your business and brand is increased with the ownership of intellectual property and ownership of the intellectual property for a formulation makes your business more appealing to investors and will make you more money when you sell your business


What you’ll receive when you purchase the intellectual property for your formulation:

  • A complete formulation breakdown telling you exactly what percentage of each ingredient goes into the recipe
  • A complete list of suppliers for all the ingredients along with pricing and minimum order quantities
  • All suppliers paperwork including Product Information Forms (PIF) and/or Certificates of Analysis (COA) for each of the ingredients


Ownership of the intellectual property is offered for purchase only at the initial development stage for a significantly reduced fee per formulation.  This is a once only offer.  Contact us today to find out more.