Joel Bushby The Natural Transformer Testimonial

Hey team. I’m Joel Bushby, also known as The Natural Transformer, and this here is the natural Choc Banana flavour WPI, one of the many supplements in my range TNT Fuel that has recently been featured in Forbes magazine.

Now there are two key elements to my company. One: my online coaching program, and two: TNT Fuel.

How I started TNT Fuel was I was running my online coaching program, about five years ago, and I had clients on the other side of the country ask, “Where do I get these supplements from that you’re preaching to me in your program?”

And I’d say, “You know, go to your local supplement store.” And they didn’t have access to it. So they were asking, you know, can I just purchase from you, and this gave me an idea of to start my own supplement range.

And to be honest, I was sponsored by other brands at the time, and my body was hating the supplements. It was rejecting the products that were in it: sugars, gums, numbers, fillers, additives. I was breaking out in pimples. I wasn’t getting the results that I was looking for. So it was time for me to start my own range.

So I looked up: how to blend my own protein, and Pro Amino came up. So I gave them a call, and I got on to the owner, Bailey, and he just walked me step-by-step on what he was about, and exactly how he ran his business, and straightaway it just fell in line with what I was about.

So initially it was quite hard for me to fork over that initial payment to start off my own supplement range, but Bailey helped me start TNT Fuel, and he helped me with my labelling and my website at the time. And honestly, if it wasn’t for Pro Amino, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So firstly, I’d like to say thank you Pro Amino. And secondly, if you’re thinking about jumping on board, or blending your own supplement range, Pro Amino will not let you down, and the sky is the limit.

So, go for it.