Dry powder blending available

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Do you already have a formula or recipe and need custom dry powder blending and manufacturing in an approved and certified commercial food manufacturing facility?

When you’ve sourced all the ingredients, created a formulation/recipe based on these ingredients and need it blended in commercial quantities, Pro Amino can assist you as your Dry Powder Blending partner in our brand new, state of the art, HACCP Food Safety and ISO:9001 Quality certified food manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact Pro Amino for a quote
  2. Approve our quote and supply all the contact details for your ingredient suppliers so we can approve them in our Approved Suppliers Register.  We’ll need a PIF for every food ingredient that is supplied.
  3. You can then order all of your ingredients and have them delivered to our factory accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch
  4. As soon as all of your ingredients have arrived we’ll book your job into production and blend your powder as per your provided formula
  5. Blended powders are packed into bulk bags or down packed into your packaging ready for delivery or pickup

 What we can Blend:

  • Dry powder blends (we cannot blend liquids or wet mixtures)
  • As long as it’s dry, isn’t an ingredient that is in the allergen list below, there is a good chance we can blend it for you.  Contact Pro Amino with your dry powder blending enquiry now for confirmation we can blend your recipe.

What we require:

In order to meet our ISO-9001 Quality Management requirements we’ll need to approve all suppliers and ingredients prior to delivery.  This process is relatively simply and involves Pro Amino contacting each of your ingredient suppliers to verify HACCP and ISO certificates (if required), validate insurance is current and obtain a PIF’s for all the ingredients you’ll be supplying.  As soon as your supplier has been approved we can start accepting deliveries of all your ingredients at our Morningside Factory.

We do not accept any of the following ingredients (or products manufactured with):

  • Sesame Seeds
  • Fish, Shellfish
  • Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats (Gluten containing cereals)
  • Bee Products, Royal Jelly