Pro Amino makes it easyaffordable to have your own protein brand!

It’s time to make your own protein brand!

Over the last few years, many of the big supplement retail chains have started creating their own brand (and multiple brands) of protein and aminos in order to gain a competitive advantage and make much needed margins. Why? The retail industry has changed because of:

  • the increase in online stores due to the low cost of entry into the market and low overheads
  • the fluctuating US dollar (which has encouraged customers to shop overseas and online), and
  • local competitors opening up everywhere!

Unless you are able to purchase in large quantities from the premium big name suppliers to receive the highest discount (which requires multiple locations) it is very difficult to compete and make the margins required to prosper in business.

You can have a cookie-cutter store the same as everyone else (which can’t sustain the evolution of retail) or you can start to create a point of difference for your store that no one else can have.

How do you determine if you need your own supplement range?

Ask yourself a question, what is your supplement stores point of difference? If you’re like most store owners you’ll say it’s the service and advice you offer customers.  Although I’m sure you give the best advice and customer service to your customers … so does your competitor down the road. So what really is the difference between your store and your competitors store? You both sell similar if not the same products for roughly the same price, what makes a customer keep coming back to  your store and avoid your competition?  Your own brand or brands of supplements!  Brands that a customer cannot buy from anywhere else!

Pro Amino is a contract blender and contract manufacturing company that will help you secure the success of your retail business and open up opportunities easier than were previously possible.  We offer very small minimum quantities with a range that is the highest quality of NZ and Australian proteins that are completely true to label.