Australian Natural Whey Protein Concentrate

Australian Natural Whey Protein Concentrate

Packaging Options

  • Food Grade Zip Lock Re-Sealable Bag with Vinyl Sticker Labels: Gloss Black, Matt Black, Kraft Paper, Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, Red
  • Black or White Food Grade Re-Sealable Container
  • Fully printed zip lock bags
  • Customer supplied packaging

Available Finished Sizes

Can be packed into any size the customer requires.

Minimum Order Quantity

Pro Amino manufacturers, blends and packages each order fresh to give you the longest best before date on your product.  Our minimum order can be made up with multiple finished product sizes to make up the MOQ of 200kg.  We do have options for customers after a smaller batch so please discus this with our business development manager.

Nutrition Information Panels


Ingredient List: Whey Protein Concentrate


Ingredient List: Whey Protein Concentrate, Natural Flavouring, Organic Stevia


Ingredient List: Whey Protein Concentrate, Natural Cocoa (7%), Natural Flavouring, Organic Stevia



Intended Use

Formulated supplementary sports food

Directions for Use

Mix 30g with 200mL of cold water or milk in a protein blender bottle. Shake for 30 seconds until the powder has mixed completely. Consume immediately.

Directions for Storage

Store sealed in a cool, dry, odour free environment below 25°C

Recommended Consumption in One Day

1 serve

Date Marking

Best Before: Up to 2 years from date of manufacture.

Recommendations for Consumption after Opening

Use within 30 days of opening

Allergen Statement

Contains milk and dairy products.

Advisory / Warning Statements

This food is not suitable as a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate physical training or exercise program. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women: Should only be used under medical or dietic supervision.

Country of Origin Labelling

  • Unflavoured: Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients
  • Chocolate: Made in Australia from at least 90% Australian Ingredients
  • Vanilla: Made in Australia from at least 99% Australian Ingredients

Disclaimer: Pro Amino makes no representations or warranties of any kind as to the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and/or opinions contained on this website or that this product is suitable for your intended use. The information and/or opinions contained on this website may be changed at any time without notice.

Additional information

Natural Flavour

Natural Chocolate, Natural Vanilla

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